Hari’s Treasure developed a range of 11 loose teas, which combines authentic yogic wisdom with herbs and spices into unique, delicious blends that produce a specific well-being experience. Hari Tea’s are divided in four categories, the same ones we seek to enhance in order to achieve a balanced and harmonious life.

‘Hari’ in Sanskrit means to ‘Creation in Action’.

Physical – our need to de-tox: we de-tox to have everything working with no distractions so we we may move on.

Inspirational – our capacity to create: what is possible? What dreams sparks our fire to create?

Mental – our capacity to comprehend: we need a brain that can quickly comprehend and calculate any available information.

Spiritual – our ability to connect: sooner or later we must come to recognize that we are not alone, but part of a system – each one of us a wave in the same ocean of life.

The artisanal blends of organic herbs and spices, formulated in the ancient ways, are nestled in pure cotton bags, where the soul-satisfying loose tea mixtures can relax completely and release their full flavors.