King Soba Noodles – Thai Rice Noodles (12 Pack)

Quick to prepare, these noodles are a mild yet exceedingly versatile low fat dietary staple.

A complementary match for almost any vegetable, or protein, these silken noodles deliver key nutrients to your meal.

Our King Soba Organic Thai Rice Noodles are incredibly easy to cook and much faster than traditional noodles or spaghetti. They are also low in fat, as well as being wheat and gluten free. As a tender very fine pasta, these noodles are ideal for young children or picky eaters.

These creamy white organic noodles also lend themselves to the preparation of many hot and cold dishes – from an oriental, Szechuan pepper stir fry to an equally sumptuous cold, lime vinaigrette salad with fresh coriander!

Ingredients: Organic rice flour, water.

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